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Volkswagen Owners Legal Action

Burns Kelly Corrigan Solicitors are initiating cases against the Volkswagen group on behalf of a number of car owners who were misled to believe that they had purchased a car as “clean diesel” only to find out that they emitted 40 times the allowed levels of emissions.

Owners may be entitled to compensation on the basis of breach of contract and misrepresentation.
The value of compensation will depend on the original purchase price of the vehicle and any subsequent devaluation.
The affected car engines were fitted to cars manufactured since 2009 including VW Golf, Jetta, Passat, Beetle as well as certain Audi, Skoda and Seat models.

The main issues concerning owners are:

  • The loss in value of their vehicles.
  • The fact that they are actually having to pay more in fuel costs.
  • The likely hood that their car tax will now rise.

Please include the following details if you have them:

  • Vehicle model
  • Registration number
  • Age, mileage and price at date of purchase
  • Age and mileage now

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